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Brian + Jeanee Linden

Together Jeanee and Brian Linden have created a space like none other to beautifully display elegant pieces that invite you to bring them into your own home. The two are also founding partners of the Linden Centre and offer travel excursions to China.
Brian is a Chicago native who began working in China as a CBS cameraman in 1985. During those two years, he was involved in interviews with Chinese leaders and also found time to star in a feature-length movie. He pursued graduate work at University of Illinois and Stanford and then worked on education projects and investment for international schools and education firms for 15 years before refocusing his talent and leadership skills on a project of his own.
Jeanee’s love affair with China began with her involvement with the Cameron House community in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She had an early passion for outdoor and community leadership with Cameron House and stood out in her large Cantonese-American family as the only cousin of 35 to invest time in understanding her family’s heritage and language. Jeanee pursued graduate studies at UC San Francisco and a career in nursing before permanently venturing back to China in 2007.



Desiree Bromstad

Desiree Bromstad has been with Linden Gallery for four years, this year as manager. She loves the beauty and elegance of Asia and helping people explore the treasures found here. When not at the gallery, Desi is a writer/producer and communications consultant for corporate clients.

Lori Johnson

Door County native Lori Johnson joined the gallery sales team this year bringing with her fashion merchandising and display creation expertise from many years of owning/operating a boutique. Lori’s glamorous standard poodle, Flikka, often welcomes visitors.




The Linden Gallery promotes cultural understanding through permanent and rotating exhibitions that highlight the elegance, beauty and historical relevance of objects d'art from Asia.


The Linden Gallery strives to promote cultural understanding by establishing a destination of wonderment and beauty. Where visitors may discover displays of timeless selections found amid excursions throughout the world.
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